aFe Cold Air Intake Systems: Reviews and Ratings
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aFe Cold Air Intake Systems: Reviews and Ratings

aFe (Advanced Flow Engineering) seems to be a very user friendly company that carries performance parts for trucks, Jeeps, other sports utility vehicles, and even compact sports cars. Their website allows you to make an account to track purchases and a tab that allows you to design your own air filter.

The company has designed a total of three types of air filters that vary in capabilities so that consumers can choose the features they want most. The company explains each type of air intake system so that the customer knows what they are getting. The company has a convenient search engine so that you can find the parts that suit your vehicle.

According to the way they market, this company seems to be very focused on vehicle power for uses such as racing. A major benefit of purchasing from this company is the variety of innovative parts that will improve not only the power but also the appearance of your vehicle.

Company Background

The main company website seriously lacks in information about the company’s founding information. They do not provide a company information link like many other companies do. Although on their blog they do state that the company was founded in 1999. They still do not provide any information on who founded the company They do however provide information on company headquarters which is located in Corona, California.

AFE Power specializes in performance parts for trucks, Jeeps, sports utility vehicles, SUVs, and compact cars. This company advertises products that are much different from their competitors. They have a variety of products that will boost the performance and appearance of your vehicle. The company also explains in detail what benefits each product will provide for your vehicle.

Construction Quality

Most of AFE Power’s products are designed, manufactured, and tested in Corona, California. The air intake systems are made using steel heat shields, molded plastic air boxes, and intake tubes. The filters are made with layers of dry synthetic filtration media. The products come with many features.

The stage 1 air intake systems improve horsepower, increases low torque gains, and a noticeable sound increase. This stage is the least expensive.

The stage 2 si air intakes give a substantial horsepower increase and a decent torque increase, it does not increase the sound a lot. This intake system stage is more expensive. The basic stage 2 is likely to be the most expensive. You get large horsepower and torque gains and a big sound increase with this stage.

Each type of product has the same type of categorization that explains what you get for what value.

Common aFe Complaints

The most common complaints we received from our readers concerning AFE Power are about the product being difficult to install and quality not being as described.

For example, one reader who purchased a system for their Toyota Tundra had complaints because the sound was too loud and there was no cold air in the system.

In another instance, someone complained because the product did not fit their truck.

Many of the products in our reader survey had lots of positive reviews, but there were plenty of negative comments in the mix as well.


AFE Power seems like a good company overall. The product compliments do outweigh the complaints. The company seems to be very passionate about providing cold air intake systems, and other performance parts for all budgets.

The features of their website make it easy and fun to shop through them. The variety of systems they provide is great, and the way they split it up into stages makes it easy for the customer to understand what they are buying. I would shop on this site because unlike most other companies you know exactly what to expect when you purchase a product from their website.

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