Cheap Catalytic Converter Reviews - Replacement Parts at Low Prices
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Cheap Catalytic Converter Reviews and Prices

Having catalytic converter problems and need an inexpensive fix to get you back out on the road? We’ve sorted through hundreds of replacement parts and narrowed our selection down to just one. During our search we discovered that there are many cheap catalytic converters available on the market – but not all are worthy of our recommendation.

Many of our readers have sent in questions about finding the best replacement converter after they get the OBDII P0420 error code. This code means that the catalyst system efficiency is below the minimum threshold. Usually this code is caused by a faulty converter or damaged O2 sensors.

While many people have found success solving their problem with catalytic converter cleaner, sometimes you really just need to purchase a replacement converter and move on. Below is our pick for the our favorite cheap catalytic converter.

Walker 15036 Standard Universal Converter

Cheap Catalytic Converter

Cheap Catalytic Converter

Walker offers the 15036 Standard Universal Converter to help you replace this essential part of your emissions system without breaking the bank.

This cheap catalytic converter will fit any application that can accommodate the 2 inch inlet and outlet simple pipe connection. The stainless steel body weighs less than 5 pounds with an overall length of 13.25 inches covered in an aluminized heat shield. It can also be installed in both directions as long as the heat shield is facing upward.

Customers should not expect a similar polished finish as with other exhaust upgrades. Catalytic converter replacements are not meant to be aesthetically pleasing, but rather to fulfill its propose in meeting the strict regulations.

This product is non-CARB (California Air Resources Board) compliant meaning it is not legal for use in the state of California. According to the manufacturer’s website, they provide a limited lifetime warranty on qualifying product lines. The catalytic converters however, do not fall in this category.

If you are in need of a cheap catalytic converter replacement, the 15036 is a reasonably priced option. That is a fraction of what original equipment would cost. Expect to pay double or even triple that amount buying straight from the original manufacturer.

With government laws and regulations, car owners have to be aware of the efficiency of their exhaust systems. Lucky for us, Walker has been a pioneer in the industry for over a century and they are here to help ease the process.