Cherry Bomb Extreme Muffler Reviews - Best Sound and Price
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Cherry Bomb Extreme Muffler Reviews

Note from Ryan: Use the table below to find the correct Cherry Bomb Extreme muffler configuration for your car or truck. Not sure which to choose? Follow links to check vehicle fit on Amazon.

Offset In / Offset Out Center In / Dual Out Center In / Center Out
7480: 2.5″ IN / 2.5″ OUT 7425: 2.5″ IN / 2.25″ OUT 7426: 2.5″ IN / 2.5″ OUT
7427: 3″ IN / 2.25″ OUT 7428: 3″ IN / 3″ OUT
7478: 3.5″ IN / 3.5″ OUT
Cherry Bomb Extreme Muffler
Offset In / Center Out Dual In / Dual Out
7196: 3.5″ IN / 3.5″ OUT 7481: 2.5″ IN / 2.5″ OUT

Why Choose Cherry Bomb Mufflers?

Cherry Bomb Extreme Muffler

Cherry Bomb has been around for more than 40 years producing very popular exhaust products. Their brand can be seen in stores all over North America and it is not surprising that they are one of the most recognizable exhaust companies on the market.

The Glasspack muffler has been a staple in the company’s history but Cherry Bomb continues to innovate with their top of the line Extreme muffler series.

Depending on your exhaust configuration Cherry Bomb has several different models in the Extreme series to suit your application needs. For those with true dual exhaust (that is, a separate individual exhaust piping for both banks), the Cherry Bomb 7481 Extreme Muffler is an upgrade to the next level of improved sound and performance.

Extreme Muffler Design

As the name suggests, Cherry Bomb’s Extreme Muffler line is the loudest and most aggressive sounding muffler they have to offer.

At a glance, it does not resemble a traditional muffler. The design is very sleek and compact and has a 6” long body constructed from welded aluminized steel and weighs 10 pounds. Perfect for applications in which space is limited. All 4 connection ports have a 2.5 inch opening and the flow direction is stamped on the cherry bomb’s body to prevent installation problems.

Exhaust backpressure is reduced and airflow efficiency is optimized with a unique internal plate design. Unlike some of their other mufflers, the Cherry Bomb does not utilize internal baffles or fibreglass packing material. This results in not only increased sound levels, but increased horsepower and performance.

Many enthusiasts also appreciate the aesthetics provided with a Cherry Bomb product. After all, a Cherry Bomb just wouldn’t live up to its image without the signature high temp red finish.

Cherry Bomb has always offered great value and quality to their customers. With multiple applications and easy access to their products. One of the most well-known pioneers in the industry continues to deliver on the customer’s expectations. Command attention with Cherry Bomb’s top of the line 7481 Extreme muffler.

Cherry Bomb Extreme vs. Flowmaster Super 10

Looking for an alternative to the Cherry Bomb Extreme? Consider the Flowmaster Super 10 to take care of your performance muffler needs.

Center In - Center Out Offset In - Offset Out Center In - Dual Out
Center In/Center Out Offset In/Offset Out Center In/Dual Out
2.50″ IN / 2.50″ OUT 2.50″ IN / 2.50″ OUT 2.50″ IN / 2.25″ OUT
3.00″ IN / 3.00″ OUT 3.00″ IN / 2.50″ OUT