Corsa Exhaust System Reviews and Complaints
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Corsa Exhaust System Reviews

Corsa PerformanceCorsa Performance exhaust systems are known worldwide for their no-drone technology. Whether you are shopping for your first exhaust system or you are an experienced pro, drone is a mysterious topic for most people.

Drone is a low pitched buzzing sound that can be heard inside your car or truck at cruising speeds. More specifically, you’ll hear it when you hit 2000 RPM or about 60 MPH.

Although you can purchase exhaust resonators to reduce drone, Corsa incorporates Reflective Sound Cancellation technology into their products so you don’t have to spend an extra cent.

Company Background

The first Corsa Exhaust was designed for the C5 Corvette in 1998. Since then they have expanded to build products for a wide range of cars and trucks.

In fact, today they build more than just exhausts. They offer cold air intakes with advanced filtration technology to help you get more horsepower with simple bolt on parts.

Like many of the other leading exhaust brands, Corsa has headquarters in the United States. They employ over 100 people in their Northeast Ohio manufacturing plant where the exhausts are designed and produced.

Construction Quality

Every Corsa exhaust is made from 100% T304 stainless steel. When looking at other exhaust brands be sure to keep this in mind. Stainless steel will help prevent corrosion and keep your exhaust looking great for years to come.

Although you exhaust is made of high-quality stainless steel, after it is installed it will be tucked away under your car out of sight. The only thing your buddies will see are your exhaust tips. To make sure your tips don’t suffer from heat distortion, each Corsa exhaust features dual walled tip construction.

If you think designing an exhaust system only requires some pipe and a welder, you’d be wrong. Corsa uses proprietary acoustic and CAD software to design every exhaust system. Then, each system is manufactured with CNC tooling equipment, 6-axis laser cutters and robotic welders.

One of the reasons each Corsa exhaust can deliver superior horsepower and torque is because their mufflers utilize a straight through design. This helps reduce backpressure and give you more top end performance when you step on the gas.

Common Complaints About Corsa Exhausts

When searching for Corsa exhaust reviews online, you’ll probably find a long list of satisfied customers. This is no surprise, because when Corsa says “no-drone” they actually mean it.

However, that doesn’t mean they are perfect in all areas. Many customers have commented that installation takes longer than they expected.

In certain cases, removing and installing a new exhaust can take up to 5 hours. While installation is a challenge no matter what type of exhaust you buy, many customers were disappointed by the lack of Corsa installation resources online.

For example, Corsa exhaust systems are shipped with a 2 page, black and white instruction sheet. To make things worse there are only small illegible images to help you through the process.

If this is your first time installing an aftermarket exhaust, having detailed instructions might be an important selling point for you. Just be prepared when you order a Corsa Exhaust that you should watch a few installation videos online before you tackle this project.


When shopping for an aftermarket exhaust there are usually only two things people are looking for: sound and construction quality.

The good news is that Corsa is a leader in both of these categories. Their exhausts feature Reflective Sound Cancellation technology to eliminate drone in the cabin at cruising speeds.

Each exhaust is manufactured from 100% stainless steel. Not only do their exhaust products look great, but their construction quality means they will last for years to come.