Dynomax Race Bullet Muffler Reviews - Plus Sound Clips
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Dynomax Race Bullet Muffler Reviews

Note from Ryan: Use the table below to find the correct Dynomax Race Bullet Muffler configuration for your car or truck.

12″ Long 12″ Long 12″ Long
2.25″ IN / 2.25″ OUT 3″ IN / 3″ OUT 3.5″ IN / 3.5″ OUT
2.5″ IN / 2.5″ OUT 3″ IN / 3″ OUT 3.5″ IN / 3.5″ OUT
2.5″ IN / 2.5″ OUT 3″ IN / 3″ OUT 3.5″ IN / 4” OUT
4″ IN / 4″ OUT
14″ Long 16″ Long 18″ Long
2″ IN / 2″ OUT 3″ IN / 3″ OUT 2.25″ IN / 2.25″ OUT
2.25″ IN / 2.25″ OUT 5″ IN / 5″ OUT 2.5″ IN / 2.5″ OUT

Dynomax Race Bullet Muffler

Dynomax is a frontrunner in providing quality exhaust systems for numerous makes and models in affiliation with Walker and Thrush exhaust companies. Their all-American product line includes stainless steel mufflers, tips and even full vehicle specific systems which can be found in stores all across North America. They also have a user friendly website dedicated to showcasing the products and all the information to go along with it. Dynomax is a company that knows how to reach out and educate their customers. This brand carries a wide range of different style mufflers to choose from and for those looking for something universal and compact, the 24238 Race bullet muffler may be just the thing.

Race Bullet Construction

The Race Bullet muffler series are all similar in design and construction. The only differentiating factors are the dimensions. This 24238 model is just over 18 inches long with 3 inch pipe connections. The small size is designed to fit in areas where space may be limited. All Race Bullet series mufflers have a tubular body that is constructed from welded aluminized steel for superior strength and corrosion inhibiting properties. The straight through design allows the exhaust to breath improving horsepower and performance.

Dynomax Sound Clip

Sound is controlled through fiberglass materials packed within the muffler and as a result, a deep race tone is produced that is 4 decibels quieter than stock. Dynomax does a great job in providing sound clips of different mufflers on their website which is something a lot of manufacturers don’t provide. This is great peace of mind along with a great 90 day no risk money-back guarantee.

Dynomax demonstrates impressive versatility with the Race Bullet muffler series. Their products are meant to be purchased with ease and installed with even less effort. A perfect score given by customers is a hard earned achievement which goes to show, Dynomax builds everything to fit and last a lifetime.