Ford F150 Shorty Headers - Buyer's Guide

Ford F150 Shorty Headers

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Want more horsepower with spending a fortune? Try a set of shorty headers for your Ford F150.

Not only will headers help you get more power, you’ll also see increased torque and better towing performance. See which brands we recommend and explore the different styles and finishes available.

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Featuring These Popular Brands:


2005-2010 5.4L V8

1999-2003 5.4L V8

BBK 3518

Chrome Finish

BBK 35180

Silver Ceramic Finish

1997-2003 4.6L

BBK 3515

Chrome Finish

BBK 35150

Silver Ceramic Finish

1987-1995 302 & 351

BBK 3510 - 302

Chrome Finish

BBK 35100 - 302

Silver Ceramic Finish

BBK 3511 - 351

Chrome Finish

BBK 35110 - 351

Silver Ceramic Finish