Injen Cold Air Intake Systems: Reviews and Ratings
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Injen Cold Air Intake Systems: Reviews and Ratings

Injen Technology is a company that carries all types of performance related parts. The company is determined to stay at the top of the performance technology industry by using the best designs, materials, and manufacturing technology. Since it’s launch, the company has kept steady growth by constantly releasing new products that have never been produced by anyone else.

Not only are the products great, but the company offers a lifetime warranty with most of the products. The company also offers parts for a huge variety of vehicles. Injen offers not only air intake systems, but an array of other products designed to increase the performance of your vehicle.

Company Background

The company information section on the website actually does not offer a lot of information about Injen technology. Actually it provides more information on it’s sister company RD Metal Works. Injen has been in business for over a decade and the sister company was established in 1981. There is no information on who established either company.

Company headquarters is located in Pomona, California. The company began by specializing in cold air intake systems for a wide range of vehicles, but in 2003 the company began launching other performance parts. Now the specialize in many performance parts for an even wider range of vehicles.

Injen stands out from its competitors by releasing technology that hasn’t been seen before. In fact their blog shows that they constantly have new and innovative products launching. The company also maintains a blog and regular events in order to stay connected with customers.

Construction Quality

Injen cold air intakes are manufactured in the United States. The factories are located in and around Pomona, California. Injen’s intake systems are made using aluminum and silicone. In 2005 The company released the first ever tuned air intake system. They also carry Power-on demand air intake systems that come with removable pre-filters.

Some of their products come with a sophisticated tuning process. The PF Series Power-Flow Air Intake Systems have many attractive features including a cold air inducer, an air stabilizer, and velocity stack. The company designs each product to get the maximum horsepower and torque increase possible.

Common Injen Complaints

Many of Injen’s products have great reviews online. Unfortunately some have very low reviews as well.

The RD1992P Polished Race Division Cold Air Intake System has generally positive reviews. However, one of our readers told us their check engine light began coming on in the vehicle as soon as the intake was installed.

The most common complaints I saw were issues with the product not fitting.


Injen Technology is a driven and innovative company. They are constantly launching new top of the line products that push the limits to what performance parts are capable of. They have many years of additional experience through their sister company with this technology and they use it to their advantage.

Product manufacturing is done by the company in the United States which ensures that all products is high quality and that no corners are cut. Their customer reviews are mostly good, but as a consumer I would do a little additional research on each product prior to purchasing it. I would purchase products from this company to take advantage of their technology and innovation.

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