Invidia Exhaust Systems: Reviews and Ratings
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Invidia Exhaust Systems: Reviews and Ratings

Invidia exhausts are sold by JetWorld/JetStar Auto Sports Inc. of South El Monte, California. Invidia supplies a range of performance exhaust systems and components including headers, down pipes, high-flow catalytic converters, and turbo outlets.

Invidia has a reputation for manufacturing high quality exhaust systems with an excellent reputation for ease of fitting and increased performance at a very competitive price. The quality of their products rival many more expensive rivals. Invidia cat-back exhaust systems regularly receive glowing reviews on and other automotive internet forums.

Company Background

Invidia exhausts were originally a line of exhaust systems manufactured in Taiwan on behalf of the well-known Japanese tuning company RS-R and marketed by the latter in the United States. RS-R ceased selling Invidia exhausts in 1996 and the American rights to the brand were subsequently acquired by Jetworld/Jetstar Auto Sports Inc which continues to sell Invidia products today.

Invidia exhaust systems and exhaust components are still manufactured in Taiwan. Invidia specializes in supplying high performance exhaust systems and components for cars from Japanese manufacturers including Acura, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, and Toyota. They also manufacture a limited number of products for Ford Mustangs, Minis, and Volkswagen Golfs.

What differentiates Invidia from many of its competitors is price. Invidia exhausts invariably cost less than comparable products from companies such as GReddy. Given the high quality of Invidia products, this price differential is probably based on the perception that Japanese products are higher quality rather than any real qualitative difference.

Construction Quality

Invidia offers several different product lines to ensure that there is an exhaust that fits your specification. In addition to cat-back exhaust systems, Invidia manufactures headers, down pipes, high-flow catylitic converters, and turbocharge outlets.

Their two best-known exhaust system lines are the N1 and the Q300. The N1 range of cat-back exhausts is an affordable stainless steel performance exhaust system that has a reputation for being very loud. The Q300 range is designed to be a quieter performance exhaust option.

Some of Invidia’s exhaust systems feature flat-bottomed mufflers to aid in making the vehicle’s undercarriage as aerodynamic as possible and maintaining ground clearance. Most of Invidia’s products are made of 304 grade stainless steel. Unlike mild steel exhausts, stainless steel exhausts are very corrosion resistant, ensuring that they will perform for many years before replacement is required. Invidia also manufactures a premium line of full titanium exhausts.

Invidia exhausts feature mandrel bent tubing. Mandrel bending allows the pipe to retain its shape and cross section through the radius of a bend rather than wrinkling or necking down as is often seen on cheaper exhaust systems. Invidia exhaust systems are manufactured using robot welders to ensure consistent quality and a good fit.

Common Invidia Exhaust Complaints

A review of customer feedback on internet forums finds customers to be extremely satisfied with their Invidia exhaust systems. Nearly all the reviews are very positive.

In the rare cases where an Invidia exhaust system received a poor review it appears to have been a case where a buyer was sent the incorrect product resulting in fitment issues. Likewise, a review of comments on internet forums shows people who have purchased Invidia exhaust systems claim to be very satisfied with both the fit and the performance of the product.


In summary, Invidia offers a large range of performance exhausts for modern Japanese cars in a range of sizes and specifications to suit the performance level of your vehicle. Their exhaust products are durable and offer performance gains thanks to their stainless steel construction and incorporation of mandrel-bent tubing. Precise construction with robot welding ensures a good fit.

If you are looking for a long-lasting, high-performance aftermarket exhaust system for your modern imported performance car or Ford Mustang at a competitive price, you may want to look at what Invidia has to offer.