S&B Cold Air Intake Systems: Reviews and Ratings
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S&B Cold Air Intake Systems: Reviews and Ratings

S&B Filters is a company that manufactures performance parts for diesel and gas trucks as well as SUVs. By making constant improvements, they strive to have the most technically advanced and best performing cold air intake systems on the market. They try to keep their prices low, while still maintaining quality.

Their Million Mile Warranty, and fair refund policies make purchasing from S&B nearly risk-free. Another benefit of purchasing from this company is that they offer a variety of cold air intake systems as well as filters for each make and model.

Company Background

S&B was founded over 30 years ago. The founders are a couple named Sal and Barbara, hence the names S&B. Their company headquarters are located in Fontana, California. The company Specializes in cold intake systems for gas and diesel trucks and SUVs. They also carry other performance parts such as air scoops, and intake elbows. This company seems to care most about providing more options for their consumers. They use their website to not only sell their product, but also to educate consumers about the benefits and drawbacks of each option. They ensure that their filters do not crack and that their air intake systems have the perfect seals.

Construction Quality

Most of S&B’s parts are manufactured in the United States. A lot of their manufacturing is done near their headquarters in Fontana, California. The company uses a quality elastic material on their air intake systems to ensure a good seal without breaking. They use a silicone rubber in their filters so that they can withstand extreme conditions without cracking. All of their air intake parts are made to withstand temperatures above 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Products are tested at the highest standard to ensure durability and performance.

Common S&B Complaints

The only complaints I’ve found online were related to sizing issues. One customer complained that the 75-5016 Cold Air Intake Kit made for the Ford F-150 did not fit correctly so the customer had to have another tube made as a result the product got a 2 star rating.

In regards to the 75-5057D Cold Air Intake Kit made for a Dodge there was one two star review. The customer said that the product did not increase the vehicles mileage as expected. I was very impressed with the volume of five star reviews. Those were the only two star reviews in pages worth of products so I think it is safe to say that S&B’s quality is great in comparison to many competitors.


S&B seems to be a great company with good quality products. Their company uses materials and techniques that ensure that they have some of the best products on the market. They variety of choices they offer and the quality makes them the perfect place to shop for anyone who owns a truck or an SUV. The reviews on Amazon were almost all positive and nearly all of their products has a five star overall rating. I would choose this company to shop with for the ratings alone, but the affordable prices, and attention to detail that the company puts into their product makes this company a fierce competitor in the market.

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