Volant PowerCore Cool Air Intake Review - Add 18 HP!
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Volant PowerCore Cool Air Intake Review

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Volant 151536 Intake Volant 154536 Intake Volant 15153 Intake

volant 151536 powercore cool air intakeVolant is a company that manufactures high quality cold air intake systems, exhaust systems, scoops, headers and vortice TB spacers.

Their cold air intake systems are ideal for gas, diesel and Fast Fit F5 Series vehicles, and are a cut above the rest because of the innovative way they are manufactured.

Their intake system will replace the restrictive factory airbox, intake tube and filter, and add heaps of horsepower and torque to your engine. Recommended, is the Volant 151536 Powercore Cool Air Intake system.

Sometimes referred to as the ‘rocket scientists’, the highly skilled team at Volant have yet again produced another superb product that will significantly increase the power of your vehicle.

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Horsepower Gains

This Volant cool air intake system is designed to add up to 18 HP and 40 lbs of torque. It is capable of boosting your gas mileage as well.

The system includes a Hi-Flow Velocity Air Box with a huge air duct that lets in massive amounts of power-boosting air, and in regards to gas mileage, increases of 1 to 2 mpg are commonly reported.

The Volant air intake system discussed here is made from highly durable materials, such as the marine-grade clamps of stainless-steel that are resistant to engine heat and the ducts of molded polyethylene that provide a clear and cool passage of air to the engine.

The Powercore filter does not require oil, and is therefore easy to clean; however, you can drive for up to 100,000 miles before cleaning is necessary! This means that it is virtually maintenance free, and is certainly the product recommended as the most efficient and effective filtration system.


The installation of the Powercore cool air intake system is hassle-free. There is no need for drilling or cutting, and with a few common tools you most like already have in your garage, it will take just half an hour to install.

Once complete, you will instantly notice a distinct ‘roar’ to your engine when accelerating that you never imagined possible, and plenty of horsepower. At cruising speeds, however, the engine is nice and quiet.

The product meets OEM filter standards, and is available for a Chevy, GM, Cadillac truck and SUV. The purchase is customized for your vehicle, with specific air ducts and the Powercore dry element filter.