AEM Cold Air Intake Systems: Reviews and Ratings
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AEM Cold Air Intake Systems: Reviews and Ratings

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AEM is an innovative and driven company. The company has made many accomplishments over the years including having designed one of the first packaged air induction systems on the market. Since then they have continued to create new products for the always growing vehicle performance industry.

The company is very popular in the racing world, and AEM has been steadily trying to figure out how to make cars go even faster since the beginning. AEM provides a warranty for their cold air intake systems that lasts for the life of the vehicle. AEM also offers a large variety of types of intake systems, not just cold air intakes. They try to have a product that suits the needs of whatever customer they come across.

Company Background

AEM was founded in 1987 by John Concialdi and Bob Sullivan. It began as a tuning performance shop that specialized in vintage automobiles. The company began developing parts and became the brand of choice for racing. Now they specialize in performance modifications for cars and trucks of all types.

The company headquarters are located in Riverside, California. The founders of the company had a passion for making cars go faster. This makes the company vastly different from it’s competitors because they are still a well-known brand in racing today. The variety of innovative products and the company expertise is yet another quality that makes AEM stand out among it’s competitors.

Construction Quality

AEM’s products are manufactured in in the United States in Riverside, California. The cold air intake systems are made from High Density Polyethylene and aluminum.

The cold air intakes give your vehicle more power. Short ram air intakes are designed to be inside the engine compartment. The Brute Force truck air intakes are made for popular styles of trucks, SUVs, and some muscle cars, to increase horsepower and torque in larger engines.

The Brute Force HD diesel air intakes are made for late model diesel engines, and they provide longer times between services and for high power and torque. Dual Chamber air intakes maximize horsepower and torque. Hybrid air intakes are made for Hondas and Accords.

The company also has a very interesting electronically tuned intake system. These systems allow the mass air sensor to adjust for proper air density, this means even more horsepower and torque.

Common AEM Complaints

Most of the negative reviews we received from our readers were due to the product not fitting as intended. For example, the 22-401R Red Short Ram Intake System was the most common product that did not fit correctly. One reader even complained that this product was missing the air flow tube.

We also received complaints from one reader that they could not install their AEM cold air intake because it was not manufactured properly. Many of AEM’s products have great feedback, and from our experience most of the reviews are positive. However, there were a few products that seemed to have fallen short of AEM’s usual standards.


AEM seems to be a good company with good products. They like to push the limits in their designs which sometimes may result in shortcomings, but overall they seem to be a great company. They had very humble beginnings, and they have maintained many affiliations throughout the years. Their products have great reviews, and the company has some very loyal customers. I would shop with this company because they offer many choices of types of air intake systems made to suit a variety of needs.

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