AIRAID Cold Air Intake Systems: Reviews and Ratings
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AIRAID Cold Air Intakes: Reviews and Ratings

AIRAID is a company that has shown success in the development of high performance cold air intake systems. The company’s fast increase in sales proves that they are a competitor in the market.

A benefit of purchasing an AIRAID cold air intake it that they only use high quality materials and their latest manufacturing technologies. They also provide warranties and instructional videos for installing their products. Many of the products are said to be simple to install on your own.

Despite the fact that the company is less than 20 years old, they have produced new technologies that have changed the market.

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Company Background

AIRAID was founded in 1997 and within five years of going into business they became a popular brand. Company headquarters are located in Riverside, California. AIRAID began by specializing in products for small trucks and sports utility vehicles, but they broadened their range as the demand for new products increased.

AIRAID only uses top of the line materials for their cold air intake systems, and good materials mean good products. Since the company’s development, a demand for their products has caused the company to quickly grow.

Construction Quality

All of AIRAID’s products are manufactured in the United States. Riverside, California is their main city of manufacturing but they do have factories elsewhere as well. Their manufacturing has grown to many places, all within the United States during the years that the business grew dramatically.

All of their products are made with the best materials in the industry. AIRAID expanded in 2002 by beginning to produce air filters and since then they have steadily been adding new products to their inventory. AIRAID intake systems will help your vehicle to gain torque, air flow, and horsepower while improving overall performance.

Popular AIRAID Cold Air Intake Systems

U-Build It Intake

Cold Air Dam Intake

Modular Intake Tube

Common Complaints

In our reader survey, all of Airaid products were received a rating between four and five stars. The negative reviews are few, but some of the products unfortunately have flaws.

According to feedback we received, an Airaid Pre-Filter restricted air flow to the air intake and did not fit like it is supposed to.

Another reader stated that the PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer did not improve vehicle performance at all, and as a result gave the company a very poor rating.

The most common complaint we encountered was that readers saw no difference in performance, but this was in very few of their products. Other products had complaints about the sizing not being right. Most of their products had absolutely no negative reviews


AIRAID is a company that seems to have established a great reputation in a short amount of time. The company strives to provide the highest quality products by providing top of the line manufacturing and materials.

Having been in business for less than twenty years, AIRAID quickly changed the market by providing better quality products. They have not outsourced any manufacturing or used cheaper materials to cut costs as many other companies do.

The perfect reviews on their products show that the company pays attention to every detail. AIRAID may be a fairly new company, but they have quickly established a customer base that seems to be very passionate about the products.

Many people would most likely choose this brand over others because they only use the best material and they are attentive to each detail. Their products have a high quality. For those who want power in their vehicle AIRAID would be a great choice.

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