BBK Cold Air Intake Systems: Reviews and Ratings
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BBK Cold Air Intake Systems: Review and Ratings

BBK is a company that primarily focuses on providing parts for modern muscle cars. They carry a very wide variety of products including cold air intake systems. If you are interested in having a well performing car that could be used in racing, then BBK would be a great place for you to shop.

One benefit of purchasing from BBK would be their variety of products. You could get many of the parts you need from one brand. The company uses catalogs and new videos to connect with their customers. Another benefit of purchasing parts from this company is that all of the parts are designed and built in America.

Company Background

BBK was founded in 1988. Brian and Ken Murphy founded the company and designed their first products personally. The company headquarters is located in Temecula, California.

BBK specializes in a wide variety of parts for modern muscle cars. This company stands out from others because each product is specialized for the specific make and model of the vehicle.

The variety of types of parts they offer is bigger that most of the other companies I have seen. They carry everything from cold air intake kits to suspension kits. The company also seems to be very passionate about making sports cars perform at their best.

Construction Quality

At BBK all products are manufactured in the United States. The primary manufacturing locations are near their headquarters in Temecula, California and in Deland, Florida.

BBK cold air intake systems are made primarily from high quality steel and silicone to suit each individual car style, and the owner’s needs. BBK air intake systems have a variety of features. Each part is designed for a different purpose with the consumer in mind.

Features on each system range from specialized features for the everyday sports car to cars used specifically for racing. The company has a great customer service department that will help you decide what parts are right for you.

Common BBK Complaints

The most common complaint about BBK we received was that their parts can be difficult to install.

For example, a reader with a Dodge Charger was disappointed with their intake because they had difficulties assembling and installing the product.

Another negative review was received from a reader with a Ford Mustang. They complained about difficulty installing and having to make modifications in order to get it to install properly.

We did not receive complaints on anything except installation difficulties, but I did encounter many compliments on performance improvements. So I think it is safe to say that BBK does a great job with increasing performance.


BBK seems like the perfect brand for a consumer who wants a high powered muscle car, especially if that customer competes in racing competitions.

Though installing their products does not seem to be a task for a novice. It may be best to have a dealer install the product if you are unfamiliar with it.

The company has a great reputation for improving performance. I would definitely make this brand my top choice if I were looking for a highly specialized part for a modern car. If you have a sports car and you want it to perform at it’s best, then this is the brand for you.

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