Bully Dog GT Gas Tuner Review: The 40410 Triple Dog
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Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Gas Tuner Review

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Bully Dog 40410 Triple Dog GT Bully Dog 40417 GT Platinum Bully Dog 40420 Triple Dog GT Diesel Tuner
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bully dog 40410 gt gas tunerLately, I’ve been on a mission to find a performance chip that not only increases horsepower but also improves fuel economy. The first engine tuner I decided to check out was the Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Gas Tuner.

I’ve been a fan of Bully Dog products for years now. In the aftermarket performance parts world, they are known for specializing in horsepower enhancement and improved drive-ability software for cars and trucks.

Their flagship product, the Bully Dog GT Gas Gauge Tuner is a four-in-one product that is every motorist’s dream. A single unit is capable of adding up to 42 HP, providing diagnostic information and reducing fuel consumption. A wide range of monitoring features and functions are available on the unit as well.

The weight of the gas gauge tuner is 1 pound, and it has a total shipping weight of approximately 1.4 pounds. The length of the unit is 3.5 inches, the height is 2.25 inches and the width is .75 inches.

For the majority of vehicles, it is of an ideal size, and its highly sophisticated appearance will add aesthetic appeal to your preferred mode of transport. Its looks, however, are just an added bonus, as the pure vehicle power that it produces is what really wins the heart of its owner.

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How Much Performance Can You Expect From the Bully Dog GT Gas Tuner?

High Octane Setting:

  • Peak Horsepower: Up to 35 hp
  • Peak Torque: Up to 40 ft.lbs
  • Fuel: 91+ Octane

Regular Performance Setting:

  • Peak Horsepower: 15-20 hp
  • Peak Torque: 15-20 ft.lbs
  • Fuel: 85+ Octane

Bully Dog GT Tuner Installation

bully dog gt tuner installationAlthough a high-tech product, the GT Gas Gauge Tuner is quick and easy to install. You will first need to install it physically, and then download the software, which will only take a few minutes.

The exclusive Driving Coach Feature is a revolutionary addition that enables the user to improve driving habits that cause fuel wastage and a loss of vehicle power. This enhances the fuel economy of your vehicle, saving you money.

The unit has an attractive full-color display monitor, with a choice of themes, and is completely user-friendly, even for those who are not that savvy with technical gadgets.

Further features include daytime and nighttime driving modes, over 15 vehicle parameters, vehicle performance testing and diagnostic trouble codes. Additional internet updates and upgrades are available free of charge.

Available Vehicle Parameters:

  • Real Time Fuel Economy
  • Engine RPM
  • Engine Load
  • Speed
  • Mass Air Flow
  • Injection Pulse Width
  • Throttle Position (%)
  • Barometer
  • Battery Voltage
  • Timing Position
  • Turbo Boost Pressure
  • Fuel Rail Pressure
  • Manifold Absolute Pressure
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Air Intake Temperature
  • Engine Oil Temperature
  • Injection Control Pressure
  • Transmission Temperature
  • See a full list of features here


Bully Dog products have a one year warranty that includes all physical parts within your package. Keep in mind, however, that the manufacturing company cannot guarantee excellent performance of the product should it be incorrectly installed or if it is modified in any way.

The product should also be used for its intended purpose. Should you require help with the installation of the unit, it is recommended to obtain assistance from a licensed or authorized Bully Dog dealer.

Additional Reviews

The Bully Dog 40410 Triple Dog GT Gas Gauge Tuner is available for purchase on Amazon, and has had several encouraging reviews.

Many of our readers have said the tuner is incredibly easy to install and it gave them a noticeable improvement on fuel economy.

Other readers have remarked that they were completely blown away by the product and it was probably the best money he ever spent. One reader told us his truck was performing at 15.5 mpg and 325 miles to a tank of gas in mixed driving circumstances, but is now getting 18.5 mpg and 360-400 miles per tank of gas.

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