Cherry Bomb Glasspack Muffler Reviews - Plus Sound Clips
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Cherry Bomb Glasspack Muffler Reviews

Note from Ryan: Use the table below to find the correct Cherry Bomb Glasspack muffler configuration for your car or truck. Not sure which to choose? Follow links to check vehicle fit on Amazon.

Body Length: 8″ Body Length: 16″ Body Length: 22″
2″ IN / 2″ OUT 3″ IN / 3″ OUT 2″ IN / 2″ OUT
2.25″ IN / 2.25″ OUT Body Length: 18″ 2.25″ IN / 2.25″ OUT
2.5″ IN / 2.5″ OUT 2″ IN / 2″ OUT 3″ IN / 3″ OUT
3″ IN / 3″ OUT 2.25″ IN / 2.25″ OUT Body Length: 26″
3.5″ IN / 3.5″ OUT 2.5″ IN / 2.5″ OUT 2″ IN / 2″ OUT
4″ IN / 4″ OUT 3″ IN / 3″ OUT 2.25″ IN / 2.25″ OUT
Body Length: 12″ 2.5″ IN / 2.5″ OUT
3″ IN / 3″ OUT Body Length: 30″
3″ IN / 3″ OUT

cherry bomb 87521 glasspack muffler

When Cherry Bomb first introduced their glasspack muffler 45 years ago, little did they know it would become one of the most popular sound reduction products ever to hit the market.

With the majority of automotive retailers selling this product all across North America it has become a household name among gear heads. The glasspack comes in several different forms but the principle still remains the same. The Cherry Bomb glasspack is no exception.

Compact Size

Right out of the gate the Cherry Bomb Glasspack sets itself apart visually with its unique compact design. The exterior resembles more of a resonator than your traditional bulky muffler.

The key to achieving such a small size comes from their straight-through construction that emphasizes performance. Exhaust is able to travel a linear path rather than through a maze of pipes and baffles. This cuts down on the amount of materials and space required.

As a result, it weighs less than 4 pounds and is considerably smaller than most mufflers on the market making installation relatively simple (Did I mention it is reversible?). This allows it to be installed on a wide variety of vehicles so long as they have the correct inlet and outlet size (available from 2″ to 4″).

Popular Cherry Bomb Glasspack Muffler Sizes:

Muffler Construction

Seams are mig-welded along an aluminized steel body for durability. The noise dampening comes from a ring of fiberglass packed inside the center, hence the term glasspack. The resulting sound is louder than the norm with a unique deep tone immediately recognizable by hobbyists and enthusiasts. For those who prefer something a little quieter, purchasing a longer muffler will do the trick. Even if you’re not currently familiar with the sound, there is no mistaking the shape and trademark bright red finish of the Cherry Bomb glasspack.

Cherry Bomb Warranty

One important consideration potential buyers should be aware of involves Cherry Bomb’s warranty. Most manufacturers have some form of warranty against potential defects on the workmanship but this information appears to be lacking both with online retailers and the main site. To some the unclear warranty may be a deal-breaker.

Whatever your priorities, the Cherry Bomb is definitely one to consider. If you’re a buyer who doesn’t want to spend an enormous amount of money and are shopping around for something that will turn heads and won’t break the bank, this Glasspack is right for you. From Fiats to Hondas and even motorbikes, the Cherry Bomb is here to stay.