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Edge Products CTS Insight Monitor Review

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edge cts insight monitorEdge Products is a well-established and fast-growing private company that has made an exceptional name for themselves in performance electronics for diesel and gas cars, trucks and Jeeps.

Their game-changing products come with outstanding capabilities and style. These include being able to display multiple engine parameters with relevant safety features and provides drivers with unmatched user control.

The company’s aim is to always produce innovative products of the highest quality, and to provide superior customer service. Since Edge Products was founded in 1999 they have gathered a large and enthusiastic base of customers eager to try out each and every one of their new products. One of their brilliant innovations is the Edge Products 83830 CTS Insight Monitor, loaded with high-tech features.


Edge Products’ CTS Insight Monitor is a superior device designed for use in any vehicle that is OBDII-enabled (1996 model or newer). The display monitor weighs a total of 2.1 ounces (0.13 pounds or 59.53 grams) and its dimensions are 9.5 x 6.2 x 4 inches (24.13 x 15.74 x 10.16 cm).

The monitor is very easy to install, as it simply plugs into the vehicle’s OBDII port, and is instantly able to convey information from your vehicle’s computer to the attached screen display.

For drivers who would rather not change the programming of their vehicle, this product is the ideal tool. It is also perfect for drivers who have already completed performance upgrades, and who would like to find out precisely just how well their vehicle is performing on the road.



The CTS Insight Monitor manufactured by Edge is a product that could save you hundreds of dollars and a lot of time with installation. With this product there is now no need to purchase additional analog gauges that are expensive and difficult to get to work accurately.

The CTS Insight Monitor has a 4.3 inch (10.92 cm) color touch screen and a black casing. The gauge backgrounds can be customized according to your liking. There is a good selection of pre-loaded backgrounds, or you can import personal pictures or patterns.

The device features a superior scanning tool that reads and clears trouble codes and a maintenance manager system where you can adjust mileage-based maintenance warnings to ensure your vehicle stays in top condition.

The “Mileage Coach” is another excellent feature capable of giving drivers real-time feedback regarding the effects of their driving habits on fuel economy. Taking note of the “Mileage Coach” is an effective way to save on fuel costs.