K&N AirCharger Cold Air Intake System Review
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K&N AirCharger Cold Air Intake System Review

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k&n cold air intake 63-3070Around the world many people know that the products manufactured by K&N Engineering are worthy of their recommendation. The company has a long history, dating back to the early 1960’s. The founders, Norm McDonald and Ken Johnson sold motorcycles and aftermarket parts, and were supporters of a prominent K&N factory race team.

From their experience in the field of racing, they realized that air filter systems could perform so much better, and set about inventing the reusable high flow cotton air filter. Ever since, the company has expanded, producing more and more innovative products that are ideal for any motorist who loves a high performance from his vehicle’s engine.

This article is an introduction to the K&N 63-3070 AirCharger Performance Air Intake System which produces a phenomenal engine sound and improved throttle response.

Horsepower Gains

With this K&N product you can expect to gain an estimated horsepower of 10.25 HP at 5342 RPM. This fantastic improvement will surely be noticeable on any vehicle model.

The new sound of the vehicle in particular is a marvelous feature of the product. When you put pressure on the accelerator you will hear as well as feel the engine’s increased power and you will be thrilled with the low growl of determination it produces when asked to travel steep inclines. When at speed, however, the engine is quiet.

This Aircharger system from K&N can be described as a complete air delivery system. It will totally replace the factory model air intake system. The product consists of an oversized, conical air filter, as well as a tube that has been aerodynamically engineered. They may also include a heat shield so that the cooler air is isolated. The product’s weight is 13.3 ounces, while its dimensions are noted as 22.2 x 14.2 x 12.5 inches.


The cold air intake system is manageable to install by anyone who is fairly handy with a few tools. Although tools are not included in the purchase, you will most likely already have what is required to complete the job. Some useful tools include an Allen wrench set, a slotted screwdriver and a drill with a 5/8 drill bit.

The installation is estimated to take about 90 minutes, but can even be completed in less time. It is, however, recommended not to rush, but to take your time and follow the instructions. A warranty is available on the parts.