Magnaflow 14815 Street Series Muffler Review
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Magnaflow 14815 Street Series Muffler Review

Magnaflow 14815 Muffler

Magnaflow 14815 Street Series Muffler

If you are a car guy like me, you have probably read your share of car magazines and watched Chip Foose and his crew piece together amazing vintage cars on television.

That also means you are probably familiar with Magnaflow, an exhaust system commonly featured in the media and at trade shows. Magnaflow has been around over 30 years developing quality exhaust upgrades, and having race car legend Mario Andretti endorse your brand doesn’t hurt either.

If you are in the market for a new muffler, the Magnaflow 14815 muffler is a great choice. This universal 2 in 1 muffler and tailpipe combo will add that little extra flare you may be after.


Many vehicles have their stock mufflers tucked away out of sight with a long tailpipe to reach the back end (And rightfully so when there’s nothing to show off!). Constructed from 100% stainless steel, it is an excellent choice for those looking for something durable with great rust inhibiting properties. Furthermore it looks amazing with clean lap-joint seams and a gorgeous mirror-like finish. If one tailpipe wasn’t enough, the 14815 makes a statement using dual 3 inch oval tips with matching finish.

Installation is meant to be bolt-on and easy as long as you have the room (26.8 x 8.5 x 6 inches to be exact) and piping to accommodate the 2.25 inch inlet. Inside is a perforated core wrapped with stainless steel mesh and packed with noise-absorbing material. Add it all up and you have an aesthetically pleasing muffler that will perform well above the original equipment.

On average, you can expect to increase your horsepower by 10% according to the manufacturer. The sound of this muffler is tame during idle and cruising, but stomp on the gas and be prepared to unleash the beast with a much more aggressive tone.

Customer Service

A great thing about shopping with Magnaflow is that they provide no shortage of customer support. Their easy to navigate website contains an incredible amount of information including video, sound galleries and even dyno readings. All of which will help customers make informed decisions and can take the stress out of installation should you decide to take on the task yourself.

All products are manufactured in the U.S using the most current technology and materials of the highest quality. You can also get a good night’s sleep knowing they stand behind their products with a lifetime guarantee.

With their years of experience, Magnaflow remains competitive and on the cutting edge of performance exhaust design and construction. They continue to uphold their philosophy “Quality. Power. Sound” with the Magnaflow 14815. For drivers craving style and the substance to go along with it, this muffler certainly delivers what you pay for.

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