Rugged Ridge Jeep Snorkels and Cold Air Intake Systems
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Rugged Ridge Jeep Snorkels and Cold Air Intake Systems

Rugged Ridge

Rugged Ridge is a company that revolves around Jeeps. The Rugged Ridge brand is truly made for Jeep enthusiasts. They manufacture and wholesale their own products. Rugged Ridge is a division of a larger company called Omix-ADA, which also specializes in Jeeps. They have very limited products that are made for anything other than a Jeep. If you own a Jeep you could benefit from buying from this company because their knowledge of Jeeps beats out most companies.

They also carry hard to find products for old and new Jeep models. Their product quality is top of the line due to the brand’s passion for Jeeps, and their attention to detail. 

Company Background

The website does not say when Rugged Ridge was founded but Omix-ADA was founded in 1992. The site also does not reveal the name of the person who founded the company, but it does state that he was involved in the Jeep industry since he was a child. His family owned a Jeep dealership and therefore he inherited his love of Jeeps.

The company headquarter is located in Suwanee, Georgia. Rugged Ridge specializes in everything to do with Jeeps. They sell both Jeep parts and accessories. They are vastly different from their competitors because they specialize in Jeep only parts they may sell a few products for other sports utility vehicles but the company’s primary focus is Jeeps.

Construction Quality

Most of the products are manufactured in the United States. There are many factory locations that manufacture the parts, but the main ones are located in Suwanee, Georgia, where the headquarters are located. The intake systems are mostly made from aluminum so that they are light-weight.

Rugged Ridge cold air intakes are specially made for each individual Jeep type. They are altered to suit the needs of each model and year of Jeep. This way you know that the product you are getting is specifically made to fit and function for the exact type of Jeep you own.

The company may not have the high tech and innovative options that many other companies do, but they have products that are specially designed to fit the needs of the vehicle. This is sometimes ignored by the consumers desire for other features and due to this many consumers will get a product that doesn’t suit their vehicle. This complication is very unlikely to happen at Rugged Ridge due to their passion and knowledge of Jeeps.

Common Rugged Ridge Complaints

The most common Rugged Ridge complaints we received were regarding having to alter parts so that the product fit the vehicle. We received two negative reviews about a cold air intake because they had to cut the intake tube to get the product to fit properly.

We also received a complaint about Rugged Ridge mainly because the gas mileage did not increase after installing their product. Unfortunately what many people do not know is that when you install a new cold air intake the gas mileage increases depend on your driving habits, the consumer noted in the review that the vehicle was driven at least eighty miles per day. This means that driving habits definitely could have been a factor in why there was no gas mileage increase.


The company’s love for Jeeps is obvious. Rugged Ridge sells nearly any part or accessory that a Jeep owner would need. The company has many Jeep experts to design, manufacture, and test products. This way the result is a quality part to fit your Jeep’s needs.

If I owned a Jeep, Rugged Ridge would be my number one choice because of their deep rooted specialization in offroad vehicles. Also many vintage Jeep parts can be hard to find. Rugged Ridge manufactures hard to find parts for Jeeps both old and new.