Magnaflow 15781 Cat Back Exhaust for Toyota 4Runner
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Magnaflow 15781 Cat Back Exhaust for Toyota 4Runner

The Magnaflow 15781 Cat Back exhaust system is a great choice for Toyota 4Runner owners looking for a little more horsepower. After installing this exhaust you could gain as much as 13 more horsepower and 15 ft. lbs of torque! Not bad for a bolt-on system.

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Unlike other Toyota 4Runner exhaust systems, the Magnaflow 15781 is constructed out of 409 stainless steel tubing. It also features dual exhaust tips with a polished finish to give you that aftermarket look.

Not only does a Magnaflow cat back exhaust look great, but it will improve your performance, too. In fact, when tested on the dyno this exhaust produced a 13 horsepower gain.

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Exhaust Style

Magnaflow MF Series

Sound Level



Stainless Steel

Pipe Size


Exit Style

Dual, Side

Vehicle Year

2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

Truck Fitment

4Runner, Toyota


4.0L, 4.7L