Spectre Cold Air Intake Systems: Reviews and Ratings
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Spectre Cold Air Intake Systems: Reviews and Ratings

Spectre Performance is a company that provides cold air intake systems and a variety of other vehicle parts for a wide variety of vehicles. They stride to increase performance for a variety of vehicle types to suit the needs of consumers.

This company provides vehicle specific parts and universal parts to offer customers a better variety. Their products are innovative and designed to be durable and to increase vehicle performance by increasing air flow, pressure, and speed. The company has even set records by getting a gasoline car to run over four hundred miles per hour.

Spectre’s employees are determined to give consumers innovative, high performing parts to suit whatever their needs may be. It seems like Spectre is promising for the consumer that needs a part for an everyday vehicle, because the company does not note that it specializes in racing or sports utility like many other companies do.

Company Background

Spectre was founded in 1983 by a determined car fanatic, Amir Rosenbaum. In 2013 they became part of the K&N family of brands.

Spectre company headquarters are located in Ontario, California. This company specializes in air intakes and accessories for all types of vehicles. Most companies specialize in one type of vehicle while Spectre tries to find innovative ways to improve all vehicle types whether it be cars, trucks, or sports utility vehicles.

The company also carries products to improve your exhaust, fuel system, and cooling system. The company does a great job of connecting with their consumers by using free catalogs and brochures that highlight the upcoming products, new designs, and other company news.

Construction Quality

Their products parts are manufactured overseas and put together in the United States. The manufacturing factory is located in Riverside, California.

Spectre cold air intake systems are made primarily from aluminum tubes and the filters are made from an oiled cotton media. Many companies use steel as opposed to the aluminum for more durability, but Spectre uses aluminum to make their products more cost effective.

The main features of the company is the that they use expensive laboratory type equipment to manufacture and test their products to get the best possible performance. The fact that parts are made overseas allows the company to offer lower prices than those companies that manufacture only in the United States.



While the company does provide a very wide range of products, I do believe that the quality has suffered somewhat based on the reviews from our readers. Some products had great reviews but there were many complaints about quality. I would choose this brand if I needed a cold intake kit for a good price. I would only choose their product if I just wanted it for general use and did not expect a huge performance increase.

You should also read reviews to ensure that you are purchasing one of the better cold air intake systems this company offers. So if you need a cost effective option that still may provide some performance increase Spectra would be an ideal company to suit your needs.

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