Volant Cold Air Intake Systems: Reviews and Ratings
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Volant Cold Air Intake Systems: Reviews and Ratings

Volant performance is a company that focuses highly on increasing the overall power of your vehicle. They specialize in cold air intake systems but they also carry filters, exhausts, and scoops. If you want a loud and powerful truck or Jeep, then Volant would be a great place to get the products to make this happen.

Another up-side to purchasing from this company is that many of their products come with a lifetime warranty. Volant connects with their customers by providing not only installation videos, but also entertainment videos for truck-lovers.

On their website the company heavily advertises that consumers can get a free Volant cool air intake system for letting the company use their vehicle for a few days.

Company Background

The company’s website is very vague about company details. For example The website contains no information on who founded the company or when. This would make me a little skeptical because I like to know more about the company when making such a big purchase.

Company headquarters are located in Berea, Ohio. The company primarily specializes in gas and diesel air intake systems made for high performance. The thing that makes this company stand out is that they focus on getting the most added power possible from their systems.

Construction Quality

The Volant website also does not disclose where they manufacture their products. After additional research I have come up empty handed on their manufacturing locations. This would make me want to assume that they outsource manufacturing somewhere because most companies that manufacture in the United States proudly advertise it, but I could be wrong. Though outsourcing is not always the worst possible scenario as long as materials are high quality, outsourcing could make the product less expensive for consumers.

It’s worth noting that I have found that Volant’s systems are made differently than most cold air intake systems. The cool air design seals the air filter into a box so that the risk of hot air contamination is eliminated and it has more volume than other brands. These features make a louder and more durable cold air intake system. The products are also made with stainless steel and silicone designed to withstand extreme conditions.

Common Complaints

The most common complaints online are that products are not fitting vehicles correctly. Most of our readers noted that the product did still give some performance benefits despite the fit being a little off.

Though they were unhappy with the fit affecting the appearance under the hood. One of our readers was disappointed with their intake because it increased the engine noise, but had no effect on the vehicle’s performance.


Volant does have many good products that their customers proudly stand by. The company’s primary focus seems to be giving trucks and similar vehicles the most volume, and power possible. Volant is very proud of the high quality materials that they use and that their product can withstand extreme conditions.

The prices and warranties are fair. Though the company does not disclose all of the information about their business practices that I would want to see prior to making a purchase. With that being said if I wanted my vehicle to roar and withstand extreme conditions then I would probably trust Volant to make that happen.

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